Message from the Bishop and Appeal Chairman

Dear friends in Christ,

Retirement brings with it hopes and fears for all of us. Your Parish Priests are no different. Once at the centre of busy parish life, retirement can bring loneliness and the threat of hardship. The Retired Priests Appeal has now been running for 2 years and has been embraced by parishioners throughout the Diocese. They have helped to raise over £2.5 million pounds and continue to raise funds at parish level. However, some parishes, through no fault of their own, are struggling to raise their suggested contributions.

Many of our parishes are in low income, socially deprived areas and foodbanks are a regular feature. At this stage of the appeal, we need to continue our efforts to support our sick and retired priests. I am immensely grateful to the lay people of the diocese for helping me fulfil the Diocese’s obligation.

With my prayers and blessing,

Rt Rev Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham


Message from Appeal Chairman, Dr John Curran

As part of the family of the church, our priests should be accorded the respect and support they need at the times when they need it. This is also a chance for us to say thank you; to remember those many critical moments in our lives when a priest has been there to assist us. Supporting the priesthood is indeed an obligation, but also a privilege.

I therefore hope you will join me in helping our sick and retired   clergy, and that you will lend your support to the Retired Priests Appeal as generously as possible.

Dr John Curran

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