In memory


We ask your prayers for the following and their families:

Rev Joseph Duggan, died 28th May 2013, aged 91

Rev John Francis Feeley, died 28th August 2013, aged 95

Shaun Madigan, born 31st October 1953, died 15th March 2014.

Philip Woodhall, born 3rd September 1931, died 21st  October 2013

Rev L W Saunders, died 26th October 2013, aged 74

Anthony Joseph Wolfarth, born 22nd March 1952, died 26th May 2014

Hugh Gainey, born 8th April 1933, died 23rd July 2014

Michael Austin McCormack, born 19th July 1923, died 7th August 2014

Hilda Agnes Laud, born 4th April 1926, died 15th March 2015

Rev Philip Bailey, died 21st April 2015, aged 87

Teresa Sharon Herrick, born 7th November 1954, died 11th February 2015

Leslie Mitton, born 25th January 1926, died 12th November 2014

Gertrude Coates, born 29th July 1922, died 7th November 2015

Joyce Mark Kinder, born 26th May 1924, died 6th May 1998

Ann Sparrow, born 28th June 1949, died 20th January 2016

Martin Mills, born 1931, died 2nd February 2016

Rev Edward Walker, died 24th February 2016, aged 80

Rev Adrian Chatterton, died 3rd March 2016, aged 80

Robin Healey, born 1st September 1941, died 3rd April 2016

Keith Rodgers, born 10th July 1937, died 20th May 2016

Patricia Brophy, born 30th April 1939, died 19th July 2016

Margaret Smith, born 27th October 1939, died 8th June 2016

Father Dennis Higgins, born 14th January 1932, died 18th January 2017

Raymond F Lloyd, born 6th May 1939, died 5th March 2017

Les Connett, born 31st January 1934, died 2nd April 2017

Father John Abbott, died 18th April 2017

Sean Moylett

Joe Gosling

Kathleen Helena Jones nee Walsh, born September 1931, died 4th December 2014

Father William Bernard Walsh, born 14th September 1926, died 28th May 1980

Mgr George Tutto. born 26th September 1925, ordained 29th June 1957, died 13th November 2017

Father Michael Lynch, born 17th May 1934, ordained 22nd June 1958, dies 13th November 2017

Canon Peter Coyle, born 16th September 1949, ordained 26th July 1975, died 12th June 2017

May they rest in peace and rise in Glory.


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